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About Xenith Football | Live Your Game

At Xenith, our mission is to create and deliver performance products and thoughtful experiences for athletes, teams, and coaches.

From football helmets, to shoulder pads, to team uniforms and beyond, we offer a suite of products to outfit your team from head to ankle.

We were founded in 2006 by a former Harvard quarterback and Columbia University MD who believed there was “A Better Way” to make football helmets.

Our innovative football helmets began with an idea for an “adaptive internal shock matrix” — adaptive fit — and an “impact responsive shock” — energy control layers — to deliver the best protection, performance, and comfort.

Since the release of our X1 helmet in 2009, adaptive fit and energy control layers have been core technological components of every helmet that we design and manufacture. As our helmets continue to evolve, so do the components of our core technologies.

Adaptive fit and energy control layers elevate Xenith helmets above the rest.

Adaptive Fit

The Xenith Helmet Advantage

Performance iconRunning man

Elevated Performance

Adaptive fit evenly distributes weight and pressure across the athlete’s entire head making Xenith helmets the most balanced and agile on the field.

Comfort iconBird feather in front of pillow

Optimal Comfort

Adaptive fit eliminates pressure points and hot spots removing distractions and providing optimal comfort.

Maximum protection iconKnob turned to maximum level inside shield

Maximal Protection

Adaptive fit means an athlete can have a custom fit for their season yet pass their helmet on the next year. We know a better fit means better protection, and Adaptive fit is an economical solution for coaches to have top-rated protection year after year.

Our Competitors

Our helmet industry competitors use air pumps, hundreds of adjustable pad configurations, or prohibitively expensive, one-off helmets to achieve the custom fit that Adaptive Fit provides.

Competitor helmet without adaptive fit animationXenith helmet adaptive fit animation

Energy Control Layers

The Most Intelligent and Durable Protection

Lightbulb iconIlluminated lightbulb with lightning bolt inside


Our energy control layers are “impact responsive” meaning they cushion small hits and strengthen against big hits. They control linear AND rotational impacts to protect you from every hit you’ll encounter on the field.

Durability iconItem bouncing off of durable shield


Our energy control layers will protect for the life of the helmet with no degradation in impact performance.

Our Competitors

Our helmet industry competitors use foams and other materials that do not handle all impacts equally and degrade in impact performance over time. Xenith helmet materials are more durable for lasting protection season after season.

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Football is what we live for because it’s what you live for. From coaches to parents to players, we Live your game.


We seek first to understand you, the athletes, coaches, and parents, in order to develop meaningful solutions for the game.


We are relentless in our pursuit to improve the game of football through groundbreaking innovation.


We exist to elevate your game—in playing, training, and living—with our purpose- built products and thoughtful services.

Xenith: A History


Introducing Xenith

We were founded by a Harvard quarterback and Columbia University MD whose on-field experience and deep scientific knowledge led him to believe there was “A Better Way” to make football helmets.


First Helmet Debuts

After three years of research and development, Xenith debuted its first helmet, the X1.


X2 Helmet Debuts

The Xenith X2 helmet debuts with a new shock matrix and improved ease of use.


Epic Helmet Debuts

The Xenith Epic helmet debuts at #1 on the NFL Helmet Test Rankings with a better shell, improved comfort pad material, and dual-stage shocks in four heights purpose-built for specific impact locations.


x2E Helmet Debuts

The Xenith X2E debuts with optimized shock height & configuration and new comfort padding. X2E was an update to X2 utilizing research and learning from Epic, thus the “E” in X2E.


Move to Detroit, MI

Xenith relocates its headquarters and production facility to Detroit, MI.


Launch of Xenith Apparel

Xenith debuts its first apparel collection with premium fabrics and carefully considered details to serve athletes in playing, training, and living.


Shadow Helmet Debuts

Xenith Shadow debuts with an optimal arrangement of dual- and single-stage shocks and an industry-first, novel polymer shell, developed with BASF, that is lighter and more durable than traditional shell materials.


Launch of Non-Tackle Headgear

Xenith LOOP debuts as the #1 rated non-tackle headgear and the industry’s first purpose-built protective gear for the sport. Utilizing KINETIX, our proprietary protective technology developed with BASF, and a ground-breaking halo silhouette, we created a solution that maximizes comfort while providing essential protection.


Shadow XR Helmet Debuts

Xenith Shadow XR helmet debuts with revolutionary RHEON™ technology and unmatched comfort.